Born in 1981 in Abington, PA. Lives and Works in Portland, OR. 

Solo Exhibitions / Feature Exhibitions

2017                        Chasm , High & Low Gallery, Portland, OR.

2015                        Hippocampus Wallpaper , Empire Seven Studios, San Jose, CA. 

                                No Self , Campfire Gallery, San Francisco, CA.

2012                        To Battle, To Bed , Arch Enemy Arts, Philadelphia, PA.

2011                         My Brother’s Ears, My Sister’s Eyes , KFN Loft, Philadelphia, PA.

Group Exhibitions

2017                        SALUT! II , Nucleus Gallery, Portland, OR.

                                Small Wonders VI , Arch Enemy Arts, Philadelphia, PA.

                                Trading Card Art Show , Gristle Gallery, Brooklyn, NY. 

                                WOW² , WOWxWOW Gallery, Online Gallery. (UK)

                                Single Fare , The New York Academy Of Art , New York, NY.

                                This Must Be The Place , SP Projects at The Asbury, Asbury Park, NJ.

                                Bloom , Mindzai Creative Gallery , Atlanta, GA. 

2016                        The Coaster Show , La Luz De Jesus Gallery , Los Angeles, CA.

                                Screaming Hand 30th Anniversary Final Exhibit ,  Santa Cruz Museum Of Art & History , Santa Cruz, CA.

                                Pairs , Empire Seven Studios, San Jose, CA.

                                Invisible Threads, Arch Enemy Arts , Philadelphia, PA.  

                                As Above, So Below , Arch Enemy Arts , Philadelphia, PA.

                                Spirit Of The Shokunin , Empire Seven Studios, San Jose, CA.

                                Dystopian Forest , Gristle Gallery, Brooklyn, NY.

                                Untitled , Seeing Things Gallery, San Jose, CA.

                                Screaming Hand 30th Anniversary , Empire Seven Studios, San Jose, CA.

2015                        Brooklyn Biennial Submissional , Cotton Candy Machine, Brooklyn, NY.

                                Small Wonders IV , Arch Enemy Arts, Philadelphia, PA.

                                Eye For Sound , New Museum of Los Gatos, Los Gatos, CA.

                                Companions , Seeing Things Gallery, San Jose, CA. 

2014                        Small Wonders III , Arch Enemy Arts, Philadelphia, PA.

                                Anne & Mark's Art Party , San Jose Convention Center, San Jose, CA. 

                                Desiderata , Gristle Gallery, Brooklyn, NY.

2013                        Tetrachromatic , Arch Enemy Arts, Philadelphia, PA.

2012                        Let’s Be Super! , Hold Up Art, Los Angeles, CA.

                               Small Wonders , Arch Enemy Arts, Philadelphia, PA. 

                               Day-Broo-Yay , Empire Seven Studios, San Jose, CA.

2010                       Alternative Press’s 25th Anniversary Art Show, Merry Karnowsky Gallery, Los Angeles, CA.

                               Alternative Press’s 25th Anniversary Art Show, Sloan Fine Art,  New York, NY.

2009                      Say You’re Sorry, HomeSkooled Gallery, Philadelphia, PA.

                               Gravity, The Rat , Gardenville, PA.

                               Untitled Group Show, The Rat , Gardenville, PA.